What is Diner Nation?

Welcome! We are Joe and Robyn, and we are mini-adventurers! Based in the eastern tri-state area, we love to drive to new places and try new things. Mainly, diners.


Diners are still mostly mom-and-pop shops that boast special touches. Carnations on the table. The lady with the oversprayed updo with tons of makeup who can make a cup of coffee like she invented it. On the menu, you can order “Mom’s meatloaf” and it actually tastes better than your mom’s.

Don’t tell her we said that…

We wanted a space to share our experiences. We’re not food critics, but we know what we like. We’ll post photos and give the run-down on the decor and what we tried. If you’re looking for an excuse for a diner adventure, we can help!

We’re also open to ideas. If there is an awesome diner that you think we should try, let us know!

Happy eating!


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