Angelo’s Diner – Glassboro, NJ

Remember last week when I was supposed to get my books for grad school? Well, I didn’t make it in time so we put a pin in that trip until this Saturday. After reaching our destination and leaving the store with books in hand, it was time to eat. (Let’s get real. It’s ALWAYS time to eat.)

After scanning the area, we found that Angelo’s Diner was less than a half mile away. Joe knew about it, but, in his 6 years at Rowan University (for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), he’d never actually been there. Angelo’s it was. According to the menu, Angelo’s Diner has been in Glassboro since 1946.

It was absolutely adorable! Awnings, a neon sign and silver siding just screamed “Diner.” Approaching the door, you are immediately informed that this is a “Cash Only” establishment. No worries, we were prepared. It was cozy small. To give you a comparison size, I would have been able to turn three full cartwheels from one end to the other.

There were coat racks on the edge of the booths and a counter with stools all the way around. One of the two young ladies working the restaurant greeted us and invited us to sit anywhere. We picked a booth. We ordered our coffees and looked at the menu. We looked at each other and then looked again. The prices seemed too good to be true. We swapped menus. Same numbers. The prices were incredible! Definitely more than reasonable. This made the meal decision even harder. The menu was strictly diner food: anything that could be made quickly on the griddle range or in the fryer.

Our coffees arrived (along with two glasses of water) and by then our decision was made. Joe ordered the meatloaf sandwich with French fries. I ordered the two egg breakfast that came with home fries, a choice of meat and toast. Of course I ordered bacon, and opted for over-medium eggs with rye toast. For the coffee, sugar was on the table and artificial sweetener was available by request. (Joe’s request)

The coffee left a little to be desired. The mugs were small, but they were comparative to the inexpensive price. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon when we got there, and the coffee tasted like it may have been on the burner for a bit. Joe is an avid coffee drinker, so I’m not sure that his tongue really registers the taste as much as his bloodstream is measuring the octane.

Our meals came pretty quickly (kudos to the cook) and looked awesome. The portions filled the plate. I can honestly say that food tasted like I was eating at home. The home fries were browned and crisped all the way through, not just on top. The bacon…oh my goodness, the bacon! Thick cut and cooked perfectly. The eggs were the perfect consistency to dip my fully buttered toast. I actually had to stop myself and take a breather because I realized the pace at which I was eating could be compared to shoveling.

The meatloaf sandwich wasn’t quite what Joe had pictured – that is, one you can pick up and eat – but it was just as good, if not better, than he’d hoped. It was a slab of homemade-tasting meatloaf between two slices of white bread, and slathered in a peppery beef gravy. It’s not something to pick up (unless you want to be just as slathered in gravy), so the knife and fork went to work. It was hearty, and it was delicious. The fries were crinkle-cut and cooked perfectly.

While we were dining, we observed an older crowd. It wasn’t crowded and there were a few patrons that one of the waitresses greeted by name. The school semester at the University begins in two weeks, so that may change the dynamic a bit. Again though, it was early in the afternoon. We waited for our check and were instructed to simply go up to the register. We rang out and were incredulous at how little we spent: $20, including a generous tip. Our waitress was attentive without being disruptive to the experience and had a very sweet smile.

I would definitely like to go back and try another dish, but I might order tea instead. Joe will probably still have the coffee. It was pretty high-octane.

Check them out on Main Street in Glassboro! Happy Eating!


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