Holiday Humanitarians

Hey there Diner Nationals!

 I’m sure you’ve noticed how our reviews have become a bit more infrequent as we are heading into the winter. Well, for Joe and I, holidays equal home cooking. The oven is usually on full blast and don’t get me started on my crockpot collection that is always full of soup, chili or my hearty meat sauce.

 Unfortunately, not everyone gets to eat the way we do. There are many children all over our county (and farther out) who don’t eat regularly. Many times, the biggest meal they have is at school. With the economic changes in our areas, even that’s no longer a guarantee.

This holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate(or whether you celebrate one at all), consider giving a gift of peace of mind and reassurance. A childhood friend of mine, Jarrod Wolos, and I have partnered together for a holiday drive we have dubbed, “Holiday Humanitarians”. The idea is to raise money (through either collected or direct donations) to help pay down or pay off school lunch accounts for the children of Atlantic County. 

Money gets tight and parents get behind. It happens. But the children still need access to a warm meal that will sustain them during their school day.  A donation of $13.75 (based on the average price of lunches) will catch up 5 days of a full price school lunch. It will go even farther if a student is on the reduced lunch rate. 100% of donations go to the children.

Please consider helping the kids in your community.

For information on how to be a “Holiday Humanitarian”, click here:


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