Smithville Bakery – Smithville, NJ

We’re back Diner Nationals! After a jam packed holiday season, the mister and I are breaking the monotony of winter by getting back into our visits of local eateries. We’re actually posting for the first time under the category of “not a diner but still an awesome place you should try”. That place is the Smithville Bakery.

Two Saturday mornings ago found us in Smithville. By noon, we realized we hadn’t eaten breakfast before setting out and a lightbulb went off! We were right across the way from the Smithville Bakery. I hadn’t been there in a few years and upon remembering how close we were (and how good it was), my stomach growled with agreement that we should definitely head there.

Upon entry, we walked into the warmth that was the bakery part. Joe and I deeply inhaled and enjoyed the delightful scent of coffee and baked goods. As we moved to stand in line to wait to be seated, Joe spied Heaven in the bakery case. Bacon cookies. Assuring him that we’d look on the way out, we were greeted and seated.

I wish I could tell you that I got crazy and ordered something totally different…but I didn’t. I ordered two eggs over-medium with bacon and rye toast, along with potatoes. Joe ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast with is kind of a super egg plate. THREE eggs, bacon, along with pork roll and sausage. It too included the requisite potatoes.

We drank our coffee and took a look at the old fashioned signs and kitchen items that adorned the walls. My favorite part has always been to read about the origin of the Smithville Inn as a one room coach stop that eventually expanded and still remains famous to this day. My husband grew up on the other side of the county, so a trip to Smithville was for special occasions and he thought it was awesome that I was so familiar with it.

We were well attended to, and our mugs were never empty. Our food arrived promptly and hot. I dug in and everything was just as delicious as I had remembered it. The toast was also generously buttered. My husband realized with a slight dismay that we ordered almost the same meal, so there isn’t a lot of variety in this review.

One thing he did point out was the hint of garlic in the potatoes. That was new. I tasted a “kick” in the flavor, but I couldn’t readily identify it. (I may have been devouring my meal a tad on the swift side.) My mister is a complete fan of all things garlic and may have served as the impetus of his acceptance to the “clean plate club”!

Unfortunately, we forgot about the excitement of the bacon cookies on our way out, until we were on our way home, but vowed to return sooner than later. We also remembered that we forgot to read the board of specials and will make it a point to do that to!

Awesome food, great service, warm atmosphere. Stop in and enjoy!

Until next time, happy eating!


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