Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

At Diner Nation, we endeavor to present the most positive experiences possible. Every establishment has its ups and downs, sure, but usually the downsides eventually become part of the joint’s charm: sassy waitress, indifferent host, toast that is always burnt no matter what… you get the picture. We never want to judge an eatery on…… Continue reading Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

Millville Queen Diner – Millville, NJ

Hi there Diner Nationals! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this review. Last weekend, the mister and I were day-tripping like we normally do and decided to eat first before really getting into our trip. We spied the Millville Queen Diner on Broad Street in Millville, NJ. We were seated in…… Continue reading Millville Queen Diner – Millville, NJ

Americana Diner – Shrewsbury, NJ

Hey all! Joe here, taking over writing duties from Robyn this time around. This past weekend, the missus and I made our way up to Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ – population roughly 3,900. Why this little hamlet? Some of my Quaker ancestors are buried there at the Friends Meeting House, which my 9x-great grandfather, Jedidiah…… Continue reading Americana Diner – Shrewsbury, NJ

Red Lion Diner – Southampton, NJ

Hi Everyone! Before I get started, full disclosure on our “technical issues”… I lost the flash drive with all of the notes and photos. But it’s been located and we’ll be catching you up on our adventures!  (Apparently I put it in a “safe place”. Big forehead slap on that one.) The review comes with…… Continue reading Red Lion Diner – Southampton, NJ

Seven Star Diner – Sewell, NJ

Hey Diner Nationals! We didn’t mean to be gone so long, but now with technical issues aside, we are back! Yesterday after work, the mister accompanied me to the Odd Fellows Cemetery in the Jericho section of Deptford. We photographed and explored a few stones until we started losing light and realized it was dinner…… Continue reading Seven Star Diner – Sewell, NJ

Phoenix Diner – Absecon, NJ

Hi there, Diner Nationals! We hope your Halloween was enjoyable and that you’re excited for the fall weather. Joe and I sat out for the trick-or-treaters and tried something different with the left over snack cakes from our Halloween party and put them out for the parents. Tell you what…the parent snacks were the HIT…… Continue reading Phoenix Diner – Absecon, NJ