Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

At Diner Nation, we endeavor to present the most positive experiences possible. Every establishment has its ups and downs, sure, but usually the downsides eventually become part of the joint’s charm: sassy waitress, indifferent host, toast that is always burnt no matter what… you get the picture. We never want to judge an eatery on…… Continue reading Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

Smithville Bakery – Smithville, NJ

We’re back Diner Nationals! After a jam packed holiday season, the mister and I are breaking the monotony of winter by getting back into our visits of local eateries. We’re actually posting for the first time under the category of “not a diner but still an awesome place you should try”. That place is the…… Continue reading Smithville Bakery – Smithville, NJ

Phoenix Diner – Absecon, NJ

Hi there, Diner Nationals! We hope your Halloween was enjoyable and that you’re excited for the fall weather. Joe and I sat out for the trick-or-treaters and tried something different with the left over snack cakes from our Halloween party and put them out for the parents. Tell you what…the parent snacks were the HIT…… Continue reading Phoenix Diner – Absecon, NJ

Silver Coin Diner – Hammonton, NJ

This week, Joe and I stayed close to home and visited the Silver Coin Diner on Route 30 in Hammonton, NJ. The menu is about 7 pages including a full list of chef specialties. Honestly, you can get anything from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to lobster at the Silver Coin. How’s that for…… Continue reading Silver Coin Diner – Hammonton, NJ