Millville Queen Diner – Millville, NJ

Hi there Diner Nationals!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this review. Last weekend, the mister and I were day-tripping like we normally do and decided to eat first before really getting into our trip. We spied the Millville Queen Diner on Broad Street in Millville, NJ.

We were seated in a booth and our waitress, Marianna, came up to us to take our drink orders. (Do I really even need to tell you what that was? Coffee, please. Times 2!) We looked at the menu and felt really bad because she came back twice and we just couldn’t decide. Finally, we made choices that were completely outside of our normal orders.

I got a tuna bacon wrap with lettuce and tomato. It came with a cup of soup and I ordered the cream of broccoli. I never eat anything with mayo when dining out unless I add the mayo myself and as I have previously shared before, I don’t like creamy soups. But, I’ve been wrong before (cream of carrot soup at Vincentown) so, why not try it again? Joe ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu melt on Rye bread. It came with French fries and he requested the coleslaw and pickle.

First, the coffee was the best diner coffee we’ve had a number of months. It was hot, it wasn’t weak or strong. It was legitimately a perfect cup of coffee. My soup arrived and it smelled really good. I was still leery and couldn’t believe that I ordered a cream soup but I picked up my spoon and dived in.

Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this soup was. The broccoli flavor was present but not overpowering. It was very warm, but not hot so I could actually eat it. I begrudgingly let Joe try it, lamenting that it was one less spoonful I got to eat. It set the bar pretty high for the rest of meal. I emptied my cup of soup and hoped that my wrap would keep pace.

The food arrived. Joe’s melt came open face and, after taking a photo, he picked it up and dove in. His eyes rolled and then closed, and I could tell he had a winner. The cheese was melted just so to keep the sandwich intact and every flavor was both discernable but melded together to create an awesome sandwich. He reluctantly let me try a bite and it was a touchdown. The French fries needed no ketchup. The pickle was crisp and the coleslaw had a bit of a kick to it. Not a bite remained.

My tuna wrap was presented just as I ordered it and I noticed the bottom was grilled a bit. Moment of truth: I picked it up and was blown away with flavor. The tuna was seasoned with bits of celery and maybe…garlic powder? Whatever it was, I ate way too fast devouring as much as I could of my sandwich. The grilled bottom also kept the sandwich from falling apart and from tasting doughy, as sometimes condiments can soften a wrap. My french fries also had a great flavor to them, with no need to add ketchup.

Everything about this meal was perfection. Even our check was handwritten which according to the mister, is the ultimate “diner” touch. The restaurant was clean, and Marianna was so kind and attentive. The food was beyond amazing. Check out their website at

Visit the Millville Queen Diner and dine like royalty! Until next time, happy eating!


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