Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

At Diner Nation, we endeavor to present the most positive experiences possible. Every establishment has its ups and downs, sure, but usually the downsides eventually become part of the joint’s charm: sassy waitress, indifferent host, toast that is always burnt no matter what… you get the picture. We never want to judge an eatery on…… Continue reading Mays Landing Diner – Mays Landing, NJ

Upland Diner – Chester, PA

Hey there, Diner Nationals! Two weeks ago, our weekend excursion took us to Chester, Pennsylvania.  It was a beautiful drive through older neighborhoods. The light rain definitely didn’t dampen our mood. Our destination: Chester Rural Cemetery. I know, I know. It almost seems morbid that every diner visit starts at a cemetery. Then again, when…… Continue reading Upland Diner – Chester, PA

Millville Queen Diner – Millville, NJ

Hi there Diner Nationals! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this review. Last weekend, the mister and I were day-tripping like we normally do and decided to eat first before really getting into our trip. We spied the Millville Queen Diner on Broad Street in Millville, NJ. We were seated in…… Continue reading Millville Queen Diner – Millville, NJ

Nautilus Diner – Timonium, MD

From the lost files of Diner Nation…. Back in July, Joe and I headed to Hunt Valley, Maryland for a weekend. Why? Because of Shore Leave 40! It’s a fan-run science-fiction convention that showcases crafters, artists, writers, along with famous guests. William Shatner might have been there… I bet y’all didn’t know that my mister…… Continue reading Nautilus Diner – Timonium, MD